Finding WordPress themes

Finding themes
A variety of sites offer free WordPress themes submitted by people from
around the world. Following are a few of the popular sites to find free
WordPress themes:
✦ eBlog Templates: ( This site offers a huge
selection, including reviews, statistics, and more.
✦ WordPress Themes: ( This site has over
3,000 free WordPress themes to choose from.
✦ Free WordPress Themes: ( This site
includes a wide selection of free WordPress themes editorially selected
for usability.
✦ Performancing: ( A number of
well-coded, free WordPress themes are offered by the team behind one
of the oldest blogs about blogging.
✦ Blogging Tips: ( This site offers several free
WordPress themes that are well-coded and backed by a support forum.
Premium themes are also abundant online, but you shouldn’t invest in a
premium theme unless the developer has a reputation within the WordPress
community for creating usable, well-coded themes. Following are several
sites that offer reliable premium WordPress themes:
✦ iThemes: ( iThemes offers a variety of easy-touse
WordPress themes and has an active user forum for help.
✦ StudioPress: ( StudioPress offers one of the
most respected WordPress themes — Revolution.
✦ WooThemes: ( WooThemes offers a great selection
of creative WordPress themes developed by talented designers.
✦ DIYthemes: ( The well-known Thesis theme
created by Chris Pearson is offered by DIYthemes.
✦ Headway Themes: ( The Headway
theme takes a bit more technical knowledge and time to set up than
other premium themes, but it offers extensive customization options.

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