Matrix Y2K

Matrix Y2K – Freeware HTML Editor
February 7, 2005, 11:37 am

Matrix Y2K is a code based HTML editor for novice and advanced users.

New Features:
– Mozilla (gecko engine) support added.
You can now choose if you wish to use Mozilla or Internet Explorer as the default internal browser engine. You can also use both in a split view window. Additional files are needed to enable Mozilla in Matrix Y2K see download page. ( Mozilla ActiveX Control 1.7.7 )
– Editor component updated.
New version of the editor component wich fixes many problems when editing your documents.
– PHP Parsing.
The HTTP server is removed the PHP parsing is now done through the command prompt which PHP supports. This is much faster and more stable solution than the HTTP Server.
– Code Inside
Is now directly available from the sidebar.
– Configuration screen
A new GUI wich gives more overview of all of the items.
– Completion proposal
Makes the writing of code easier. You type the name of the object or tag for html and a list pops up and with a click you can enter the code in the editor.


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