List of PHP editors

  • Kantharos PHP IDE – Fast & handy freeware editor. provides built in debugger and class explorer.
  • Alleycode HTML Editor – Shareware editor with syntax highlighting for both PHP and HTML.
  • Codelobster – Editor with syntax highlighting, debugger, code validation, supports FTP.
  • ConTEXT – *No longer under development* Freeware editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Crimson Editor – Lightweight editor. Supports FTP.
  • HTML-Kit – Syntax highlighting, supports FTP.
  • Microsoft WebMatrix – A combined editor, server and publishing environment, syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, Razor, node.js, C# and JavaScript and publishing through WebDeploy and FTP. Supports multiple file encodings as of version 2.
  • Notepad2 – Simple editor with syntax highlighting
  • Notepad++ – Supports FTP & SFTP via plugin; syntax highlighting.
  • Programmer’s Notepad
  • PSPad – Supports FTP; syntax highlighting.
  • RJ TextEd – Feature rich text editor with many great features

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