Sync Files and Folders, Back Up Data to Google Drive and more

Max SyncUp allows you to:
create backups or synchronize your files to a local folder, removable USB drive, networked computer or NAS, FTP, SFTP or WebDAV server, Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox cloud storage – all completely automatically;

-synchronize two computers directly over Internet or in a local network by using the effective RSync-like algorithm which detects and transfers only the changed parts of files;

-perform bi-directional synchronization with the proper processing of any changes and delete obsolete files;

-create hard link based backups in Apple Time Machine style that combine facilities of full backups with the effectiveness of incremental backups;

-preview files to be processed and change automatically designated actions;

-easily browse the contents of the archive, search and select files and restore them in the original location or to another place;

-keep multiple versions of the same file and restore it for a specified date;

-runs as a Windows service that enables execution even when no user is logged on;


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